Friday, 1 August 2014

Week of 23 March 1959

Tuesday, 24 March
47 Hamilton Terrace
Barnaby slept here
Barnaby turned up early - very fit and nice (of course, Ed.). After lunch he went to Liverpool St to collect reservations. Back to tea which we had in the dining room with Edith and MW. Afterwards Rudge and Edith went to see The Thirty-nine Steps.

Wednesday, 25 March
Sarah turned up midday with "Hevetty" (?) to collect her clothes and saw Barnaby just for a few minutes. B left for Lincoln and Ena provided him with a good lunch in the train.
Saturday, 28 March
Kept my birthday and had lovely presents, letters, wires and flowers. Lunched with Mabel (wine, flowers, etc.) and later went to Enid. Got home to find lovely flowers from Hester and later Bet to say Happy Birthday. She and Huss have both had flu and are not feeling up to much.
Sunday, 29 March
Barnaby slept here
Barnaby turned up in the afternoon and had the remains of my tea. We had supper in the kitchen.

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