Friday, 11 September 2015

Week of 5 October 1959

Friday 9 October
47 Hamilton Terrace – Ramsgate
Not much sleep!! Election night! What a surprising and unexpected result!
Cashed cheque in morning. Taxied to Victoria for a 4pm train to Ramsgate. Met by the whole family in the firm’s borrowed car. Sumptuous tea. Bram’s 55th birthday so the gin I brought down (sherry was bought locally) came in just right. Very pleased with the look of everyone, though Anne is having a lot of rheumatism.

Saturday 10 October

After lunch bussed to the town where I bought where I bought Bram an M&S polka? Shirt as a belated birthday present. Sat by the harbour with the boys while Anne did some more shopping. Bussed here and ordered a large tin of ginger nuts for the Brams at local grocer.

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