Friday, 15 January 2016

Week of 12 October 1959

Tuesday 13 October
47 Hamilton Terrace
A misty sunless day but not cold.Mabel arrived at 12.30 and we sat on the loggia till lunchtime. I had tea on the loggia; very mysterious in the gloaming, but quite warm.
Nigel somebody (one of Nicky's many friends) has rung her up, but of course she was out!
Hester fetched me about 7.30 and we spent the evening together, and after supper she threw the coloured photos of their Spanish trip on a screen. Very lovely. She drove me home about 10.30 and we found there had been a message from Pippa to ask if I would like to go down there.

Thursday 15 October
Slept splendidly and felt very much the better for it. Hester and I very excited by the news that RAB and Molly Courtauld are getting married!
Met Reg at Victoria Station at 12.15 and we bussed to the Grill and Cheese in Coventry St; as always a first-class lunch. Also a splendid talk afterwards. We parted at 3pm and I went to Fortnum and Masons and bought a box of chocs to send Joan to meet her on the Greadia? at Tilbury. She sails from there on Monday for Melbourne. Reg and Aline are seeing her off.

Friday 16 October
I had just finished supper in the kitchen when Huss and Woof turned up and we had coffee together. She is almost sure Louise has chicken pox - a bore!

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