Sunday, 17 January 2016

Week of 2 November 1959

Monday, 2 November
47 Hamilton Terrace
Nicky returned last night (with a heavy cold) but I did not see her till this morning. She went to work as usual but they sent her back early and I found her here on my return about 6.30.
Alice arrived this morning to say goodbye. She returns to Cheltenham this evening.
Mark rang up to say he would drive over, which he did about 10 o'clock when I had gone to bed, and I gather they had a very nice time together.

Wednesday, 4 November
Great news from Betty. They are coming home for good at the beginning of September so that Pont can take a re-settlement course, and are to spend the Xmas holidays at Ramsgate.
An empty house as Nicky is out with "Alistair".

Thursday, 5 November
Hester looked from her way back from seeing the children to school. She was not back from Stratford this morning till 4am.
Nick came back on her Lambretta about 6.30 and Mark arrived soon after, and they have gone off somewhere for the evening.
Pippa rang up. All well. Bram blew in unexpectedly this morning. He has been in town for a couple of days job-hunting and was looking well and by no means hapless.
Friday, 6 November
The fireworks at Clifton Court were a great success and Monga and Muff had the time of their life.

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