Saturday, 16 January 2016

Week of 26 October 1959

Monday, 26 October
47 Hamilton Terrace
Nicky dashed back for a hasty kitchen supper before dashing off to meet Mark and go with him to a youth club.

Tuesday, 27 October
Patience and Hester to lunch. Rather bad news from Devon. The radiologist says she must definitely have this deep ray treatment daily for a month, and she and N will go in to Exeter next Monday and live in some hotel.
Hester at Vivien's play tonight. Awly coming up tomorrow. She is having another baby and seems quite happy about!

Wednesday, 28 October
Pippa slept here with Nicky
Pips turned up in the afternoon with Tigger (a delightful puppy) and soon after Awly in her new maternity coat and skirt which Hester had helped choose. She was looking well, happy and pretty. She is bringing up the family next month for a week and I am putting her and Miranda up.

Thursday, 29 October
Pippa slept here with Nicky
Nick went off early on her Lambretta and was meeting Mark after work. Pippa left soon for shopping and got back about 3.30. Quite successful. Chiefly Christmas things for Pounce. Tigger as good as gold. A very pleasant tête à tête evening with Pips.

Friday, 30 October
Pippa slept here with Nicky 
An eventful day. Hester rang up to say that Awly won't be bringing her family up next Monday but will come later in November. Then Wuff buzzed in quite unexpectedly, up for the Dairy Show. Good! She dashed off after a drink but was back in time for tea so she met Pippa, and later Nicky.
Alice did not turn up at Hester's flat till nearly lunch time. I have not seen her yet as she was going shopping, etc.
Pippa and Nick have gone to see The North West Frontier which is being shown in Edgware Rd.

Saturday, 31 October
Pippa, Nicky and Tigger left soon after 9am.
Hester rang up. She had bought tickets for Alice and Sigrid and they had managed to lose them between the flat and the theatre. Maddening for all concerned!

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