Thursday, 28 January 2016

Week of 21 December 1959

Tuesday, 22 December
47 Hamilton Terrace
Barnaby turned up soon after 10am and Pont a bit later, and they filled up the car with presents etc. and started off for Ramsgate, B leaving his mac and cap behind him.
Hester still very off colour but has been out and about Christmassing.
Wednesday, 23 December
I opened my parcels - 18! Phoned Hester who said she was much better, though she didn't sound up to much. Phoned Nicky at the House of Lords - off to OH tonight. A letter from Pounce to tell me she is expecting another baby in July.
Thursday, 24 December
47 Hamilton Terrace - Milton Court Hotel
Mabel came at about 12. We had tea and later came to fetch us. We had a lovely lunch in her flat, Christmas trees, crackers, presents etc. Mabel was enchanted. We succeeded in getting a taxi to take us to Milton Court. I have a very nice room next door to Huss.
Friday, 25 December
Milton Court Hotel
Cold buffet lunch and pouring rain.
A terrific dinner here - very well done but somehow a bit depressing. Both Mabel and I very tired. Early to bed.

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