Monday, 25 January 2016

Week of 14 December 1959

Tuesday, 15 December
47 Hamilton Terrace
Betty slept here
Geraldine arrived for lunch and Bet almost immediately afterwards. They both left soon after lunch. Pont turned up in the car and he and Bet went off shopping. Hester looked in with the children on their way back from school, and Bet is spending the evening with her.
Wednesday, 16 December
Betty slept here
Pont came to lunch. I rested till Geraldine arrived for tea and crumpets and brought me her present, a charming bunch of everlastings. Bet got back soon after and when Geraldine left we settled down to a solid evening's work of doing up parcels. Wilma rang up to say she would come up tomorrow with the Xmas parcels.
Thursday, 17 December
Betty and Johnny slept here.
Bet and Pont met Wilma and Johnny and drove them back to lunch. Afterwards they took Johnny to see his granny and then on to Harrods, and finished up with a cinema and supper.
Friday, 18 December
Bet and I overslept and only awoke when Pont arrived at 9.15. He took Johnny off toy-seeing, and Bet had a hair-do etc. Sarah arrived about 12 o'clock in great form. We all had an early lunch and Pont drove them all to Victoria Station for the 2.40 to Ramsgate, stopping at Hester's en route to deposit toys.
Rang up Nicky in the evening.
Sunday, 20 December
A most interesting letter from Reg - a change of investment which should make Enid, Mab and me better off by approx. £150 nett! Marvellous. I have sent off 100 Xmas cards and about finished my Christmas letters

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