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Week of 2 January 1960

Saturday, 2 January
47 Hamilton Terrace
Alice moved over to Hester quite early as we heard that she had suddenly become incapable of any movement!! The doctor came and said it was either a) lumbago b) slipped disk c) torn muscle! I wired Betty to ring me up this evening which she did and we arranged that she should come up tomorrow morning and see to things. Monga is seedy too with inflammation in her ear. Lucky that Alice and Sigrid are there.
Sunday, 3 January
Betty had arrived at lunchtime but had not much news of her. She is very uncomfortable. I have not seen her yet. Alice has come back to sleep here.
Monday, 4 January
Alice slept here
Bet came in for drinks and we had a splendid talk. Hester is a lot better and has had a bath. The doctor did not come again! She thinks it was lumbago. Bet is driving Monga and Woof down to Notley tomorrow, and Alice will go with her. If well enough, Hester will go to Awly on Wednesday and will leave the flat for Bet, Pont and the two boys till Monday.
Tuesday, 5 January
Alice slept here
Bet arrived at 9am in the car with Monga and Woof for Notley, and Alice had had breakfast and was quite ready for them. She and Bet were back here again by 2pm, and I told them that Huss had seen the doctor, and it IS a slipped disc and he has injected morphia, and she was to go back to bed. She was in great pain and drove straight here where Nicky was here so was able to drive her back to her flat and help her upstairs before coming back to me.
We have arranged that Pont and the two boys shall sleep here and Bet will feed them all at Hester's.
Wednesday, 6 January
Pont, Barnaby and Johnny slept here
A glorious sunny day at last. Pont drove the boys up from Ramsgate and after lunching at Clive Court, came round here with a luggage. Bet brought Muff round and helped Alice pack for WYCA. After she left, they stayed on for tea
Have not seen Hester. But she sounds a lot better. Dickie’s stepmother much worse - the hospital thinks she's dying.
Thursday, 7 January
Pont, Barnaby, Johnny slept here
Pont coped with the boys’ breakfast and they went over to Hester’s and I haven't seen them since.. Gorden St John Ives drove up from Oxford and is almost certain that Hester has not got a slipped disc She is to go to Notley for the weekend and will have an x-ray at the Ratcliffe.
Friday, 8 January
Pont, Barnaby and Johnny slept here
Alice has got a job it - it sounds very nice and is quite close to the YWCA which will save the expense. Anne rang up from Ramsgate on reverse charges. It is her birthday and Sarah went down this morning. She had been spending a couple of days with Mon.
Saturday, 9 January
Bet and Pont slept here
Hester's car not functioning so she went with Muff by train to Oxford and straight on to the Ratcliffe where she is to have an X-ray and then drive over to Notley Priory for the weekend. Alice who is spending the day at Clive Court went with them to Marylebone Station only to find the train was off, so they had to come back and go by a later one.
Dickie's stepmother died last night at the West London Hospital.
Sunday, 10 January
Barnaby went to Westminster Cathedral, but Bet, Pont and Johnny went to Awly's wedding church, having dropped me first at mine. Pont fetched me back afterwards. Bet, Pont, Alice and boys came to tea - a very good one. Then B and P took Alice to her YWCA and Pont moved his things over to his friends at Chelsea. Alice starts a job tomorrow with Museums Journal.
Heard from Bet late this evening that Hester's report from the Ratcliffe is fairly satisfactory, and she and the children are coming back tomorrow.

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