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Week of 11 January 1960

Monday, 11 January
47 Hamilton Terrace
Bet came round for elevenses and to say goodbye. She hopes to get down to Ramsgate with the boys this afternoon. Hester is due back for lunch. Vivien is driving her and the children up.
Phoned Hester when I got home. She seemed pretty fair. Is to go to Oxfor for a second X-ray later in the week. No slipped disk, but torn muscles and a small none broken! She expects to go to Vivien's for Mona's funeral on Wednesday. The service will be in the chapel of the convent where she was living. Pippa rang up this evening to ask after Hester
Tuesday, 12 January
Phoned Hester morning and evening. The children can't go to school as the central heating has gone wrong. Infuriating! H very tired and uncomfortable but drove the car to get her new licence.
Hester was rung up from Ramsgate - by Anne as Bet is in bed with a chill. They are completely snowed up!
Wednesday, 13 January
Hester went with Vivien to Mona's funeral service at Chiswick and this afternoon took the children to an animal cinema. I don't think she sounds much better. She is to see a Harley St doctor tomorrow.
Thursday, 14 January
Rosemary Webb slept here
Colder than ever but no snow to speak of.
Phoned Pips chiefly to give her a message from Jounce who had rung up just before I started for Enid to say all hockey was cancelled and he was going straight off to Brasenose. A foot of snow at OH but Pippa seemed all right.
Had a long phone talk with Hester. Everything rather worrying and involved. "Gordon" had come and gone with her to orthopaedic surgeon in Harley St who is consultant at the Middlesex. He thinks it is a slipped disc! and she is to have a further X-ray, and also to see a neurologist - also at the Middlesex. "Gordon" still sceptical about it being a slipped disc.
Friday, 15 February
Rosemary Webb slept here
Looked in on Hester this morning on the way to the bank. She looked very poorly. All plans changed and she went down by train this afternoon for an X-ray at the Radcliffe and an interview with a neurologist who has treated her previously. The whole affair seems very involved and unsatisfactory.
Sigrid brought the chikdren this afternoon and they were very good and happy and I read to them. S fetched them back for tea.
Hester did not get back from Oxford till quite late so I did not phone her. She had to stand all the way down to Oxford on the train. It is a split disc after all!!
Saturday, 16 January
Rosemary Webb slept here
Hester has seen the local doctor and is to go to the Middlesex Hospital on Monday and hopes Mr Boyle will agree not to put her in plaster of Paris, but to let her have a jacket instead. Dickie had to wear one.
Monga was at a RNVR party on the river and Huss was being driven down there for cocktails and to bring Monga back.
Bet rang up this evening. She is 51 today. Pont and Alice did not drive down today as the roads are still treacherous.
I phoned Pips who spoke cheerfully, but confessed that she felt a bit alone.
Sunday, 17th January
Anne and Sarah slept here
At 6.30 decided to go to bed when the phone rang. It was Sarah to ask if it would be all right for her and Anne to come along, arriving at 10.30 and would I leave the key under the door!

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