Sunday, 17 April 2016

Week of 28 March 1960

Monday, 28 March
47 Hamilton Terrace
James Mac rang up just before 9 am to say that Awly had had a daughter just before midnight yesterday, both doing well. Alice just got the news before leaving, Hester a little later when she looked in.
Tuesday, 29 March
I am 84 today. A ghastly birthday as far as weather goes, but otherwise very nice, and loved all my presents, flowers, messages, etc.
Pippa and Bettu both rang me up tonight - Bet with the great news that Ringshall is sold - a good price and they will be clearing out in May.
Pippa has suggested my going down to her for Easter, and if Clara had to leave me and the house was empty, it might be a very nice plan. But at the moment Clara seems very happily installed here.
Wednesday, 30 May
Anne and Bram slept here
I got down by mid-day and Anne and Bram arrived in good time for lunch, both looking very well and very excited. They have sold Westacre but not till end of July. Bram's contract is for 20th April so he will be here for Easter.
Clara gave us a very good lunch which they loved. They have been out all afternoon shopping etc, but came back so that Anne could change before going off to dine before going to The Amorous Prawn. I rang up Bet wh had been over ot lunch with Awly. Everything well there, and a very nice baby.
Friday, 1 April
Anne and Bram caught the 2.40 train to Ramsgate. Bram had to go unexpectedly to Elstree to be examined by the Huntings doctor. All went satisfactorily. His year's contract signed for April 20th. They are both in the highest spirits.
Sunday, 3 April
Hester drove me to church - stayed for both services and bussed back. H was on her way to Notley with the Ms and Woof. Hoped to get back early as she was not feeling well with sore throat.

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