Monday, 18 April 2016

Week of 4 April 1960

Monday, 4 April
47 Hamilton Terrace
Hester brought me daffodils from Notley, but would not wait. She looked awfully seedy, and Gordon is giving her penicillin for a sore throat. Monga seedy too and both children are away from school.
Budget day. No change in income tax.
Wednesday, 6 April
Home soon after 6 o'clock to receive the shattering news that Clara's sister has to go into hospital on Sunday, and she (Clara) must leave me on Saturday!!
Bet phoned later and at once suggested that I should go to them over Easter! Hester will look in tomorrow to discuss plans.
Thursday, 7 April
Nicky phoned. She had been listening to General de Gaulles speech to the Houses of Parliament and was thrilled to the marrow.
Edward Fitzgerald has promised to mow my lawn tomorrow, weather permitting.
Friday, 8 April
Bet phoned and all is fixed up for Alice and me to go down to Ringshall on Good Friday.
Later Nicky turned up to bring me my belated birthday present - a lovely box of brandy cherries.

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