Thursday, 14 April 2016

Week of 7 March 1960

Tuesday, 8 March
47 Hamilton Terrace
Bet and Pont slept here
Bet and Pont turned up at 4 o'clock in high spirits. Hester came along for drinks and stayed to supper, and then all 3 drove to a film.
Wednesday, 9 March
Bet and Pont slept here
Bet and Pont went off about 10 o'clock and got back soon after 6. They had been to the Ideal Home Exhibition.
Thursday, 10 March
Bet and Pont left about 11 am. Before getting underway for Ringshall, they went to look for a possible hostel for Alice, as Bet was not very satisfied with the WY. They then picked up Alice who is seedy and took her back with them to Ringshall for the weekend.
Friday, 11 March
Clara slept here
Ina left after lunch. Very sorry to go and I to lose her. She was awfully pleased with my presents and we had a sherry together.
Got home soon after 6 o'clock. Clara arrived about 8 o'clock. I think very pleased to be here - very garrulous, very approving of kitchen etc.
Saturday, 12 March
Clara insisted working non stop all day (talking non-stop too!) and I think has greatly enjoyed herself. James Flecker, Hester and Muff came to tea. James and the three other undergraduates start for their month in Greece at 4.30 am tomorrow.
Marvellous news!! It looks as if Bram has really got a job and an extremely good one. If it comes off it will mean Persia, and possibly possibly Pakistan and India. Very good pay, 2 months home leave each year. Great excitement all round! I phoned Bet this evening who is "wholly stammed".

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