Monday, 11 April 2016

Week of 29 February 1960

Monday, 29 February
47 Hamilton Terrace
Slept well with my new sedative and a cup of Horlicks (Bet's idea) and felt much better today - quite different.
House feels horrible without Bet. She and Pont left for Ringshall at 10 am in a very laden car.
A perfectly lovely day and very mild. Rang up Hester this morning. She was just back from her weekend with Awly which had been a tremendous success, and they were able to be out al day.
Tuesday, 1 March
Pippa slept here
Pippa arrived at 5 o'clock with flowers and boughs and later Nicky came to supper. Later still went back on her scooter to listen to a debate in the House of Commons.
Bet rang up from Ringshall - all going well - much colder of course than in London.
Wednesday, 2 nd March
Pippa slept here
Pippa left early: shopping, lunch with Nicky, debate in the House of Lords, tea with Capt Mackintosh, home about 6 o'cl. I went to the meditation meeting in Lower Sloane Street. Miss Dunlop took it. Very nice.
Lil's maid left after 2 nights, by her own request, completely hysterical!! Lil thankful to get her out of the house.
Friday, 4 March
Pont blew in quite unexpectedly this morning just as I was about to leave the house. Great news. He has got a job as cashier at the Westminster Bank in Braintree, to start at the end of the month. It will mean having to leave Ringshall, I think.
Bet rang up later - delighted about Pont's job. They hope to come up here on Tuesday.

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