Thursday, 19 May 2016

Week of 25 April 196

Tuesday, 26 April
47 Hamilton Terrace
Anne, Sarah, Peter and Paul slept here
Sarah worked here all morning and Anne took the boys to the Science Museum and then on to Lil.
Sarah has gone on her own to the French film at the Academy this evening.
Wednesday, 27 April
Anne worked like a slave all morning to leave everything straight for me. I drove them all down to catch the 2.40 train to Ramsgate from Victoria.
Friday, 28 April
Letters from Bet, Anne and Wilma today. Wuff asks me to go down there and I think I may decide to go on Thursday till Monday as the house will be completely empty then.
Hester came and sat with me this evening whilst I had my supper. She insists on coming in on Monday to give the house a bit of a clean and discuss plans. They are going to Ringshall on Tuesday.

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