Thursday, 19 May 2016

Week of 18 April 1960

Monday, 18 April
Ringshall Grange
Sat out befpre lunch and met the Turners - the new purchasers.
Pont played golf at Ipswich but brought the car back in time for Bet to drive Alice and me to tea with Daphne, Christopher and family. Very nice, though sad. Afterwards we drove over to Winifred, but of course she was out. Then round to Edwardstone. I enjoyed it all.
A lovely evening.
Tuesday, 19 April
In spite of a good night I felt as tired as ever, and did not come down till after 12 à'clock when Awly, Jamie and Angus had already arrived. Awly's birthday. She is 26.
A very pleasant party. The boys mostly indoors, playing with numerous motor cars. They left about 4.30.
Pont left early this morning for Braintree.
Wednesday, 20 April
Bram, Anne, Sarah, Peter and Paul slept at No. 47
A very lovely day, and I Actually lay out all the afternoon on a rug on the lawn, and Bet and I had tea out of doors. I enjoyed it more than anything on my visit. Alice went back to work this morning but will be down again on Friday for the weekend.
Winifred came over to supper - her husband drove her over but did not come in. She is as nice as ever and is going to try and find me a maid.
Bram rang up to say goodbye. They are all going to drive down tomorrow morning to see him off - Gatwick, I think.
Thursday, 21 April
Ringshall - 47 Hamilton Terrace
Anne, Sarah, Peter and Paul slept here
Lovely day. Boys went off early to Ipswich. Bet drove with me to Stowmarket where I caught the 11.28 to Liverpool St. Lunched in train which arrived half an hour late. Did not get home till 2.30. Found Anne and the boys. Sarah was lunching with Alice. They had all drive to London Airport to see Bram off by KLM.
Friday, 22 April
47 Hamilton Terrace
Anne, Sarah, Peter and Paul slept here
Alice phoned. She has decided to after all to go down to Ringshall tonight, so won't be able to go to the theatre with Sarah tomorrow.
Saturday, 23 April
Anne, Sarah, Peter and Paul slept here
Sarah is 17 today and Jamie is 4.
Anne and Sarah went to The Complaisant Lover at the Globe.

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