Monday, 27 October 2008

Friday, 26 March 1943

Wilma and I got up at 5 am. Raining steadily. She said her pain was better but she felt very faint and giddy and I had to dose her with brandy and salvolatile [?]. Peggy Kelk* turned up at 6.30 and with Wheeler's help crated the geese and ducks, and Bacon took them down to the station on his lorry. We three followed with the 4 goats, then came back for breakfast (Anne had cooked us a first class one), and then Mrs Tils drove us all down, including Anne, to see Wilma and Peggy, goats and Emily [?] depart in guard's van.
Place feels terribly dead without them. I went to the WI meeting. Grattan turned up in time for supper on his week's leave.

* Alice comments: daughter (one of 2, I think) of the C.Hedingham solicitor and a great friend of Wilma's at that time though for some reason the friendship didn't survive Wilma's move to Devon. I took her (Wilma) to tea with Peggy and the other sister in recent years and was quite surprised to learn it was the first time they'd met since 1943!

The move to Devon was to run the small farm the Fleckers had bought there, and that was where Wilma and the Bawtrees originally met and became friends. She (Wilma) took her own livestock as a sort of nucleus and she NEVER forgot the hideous journey she had across England with the goats in the guard's van! Pippa, I believe, joined the train about half way down.

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