Saturday, 7 March 2009

Week of Monday 20 September 1943

Monday, 20 September


A wet morning but turned fine later.

I got a letter from Cobbe and Wincer telling me that they had heard from Lt Commander JD Hotham RN and that they had turned down Sheepcote as their plans were now altered. Unless I get a sale at the 11th hour, I shall not store but leave the furniture in the house.

I asked Joanne Lowe to tea and suggested that her father might like to rent it furnished during the winter months at a nominal rent of 30 shillings [pence?] per week. She was rather taken by the idea and is to talk to him about it and let me know.

Anne’s neuralgia has gone and Sarah much more herself. Nurse Starr saw her and thought her a lovely baby and nothing to worry about.

Tuesday, 21 September

Much colder. I biked to Halstead and back in the afternoon, got my hair waved and did a few chores.

After tea I picked mushrooms which Anne took up to the Rycrofts.

The Prime Minister made a long survey of the war situation in the House today.

Wednesday, 22 September

Very cold morning. Turned hot in the afternoon and Anne and I had tea out of doors.

Major Lowe came up in the morning and seemed very pleased at the suggestion that he should rent Sheepcote furnished during the winter months at a weekly rate of 30/-. He to agree to turn out at a month’s notice if the place were sold.


Thursday, 23 September

Bitterly cold in the morning, but again turned hot and lovely in the afternoon.

I went to the WI at Mr Tucker’s ?? in the afternoon and sold some garden produce at the stall, also Will’s voolvorks ?? waistcoat made by Kolly??


Friday, 24 September

Uneventful day.


Saturday, 25 September

Nothing doing.


Sunday, 26 September

Went to morning church. A combined service for “Battle of Britain” day and “Civil Defence”. A deplorable congregation – only the wardens turned up, and an equally deplorable service and sermon.

A horribly cold day, and we had our fire in the drawing room, and had our supper by it, warm and comfortable.

Coe and his brother picked apples for me in the afternoon.

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