Tuesday, 21 April 2009

1 January 1944


Saturday, 1 January

Southbourne Cliffs Hotel

A fine day but I felt poorly and did not stir out of doors. I lay down in my room between lunch and tea whilst Reg went to Bournemouth for his sun ray treatment.

Rang up Lyd and got a much better account of James and arranged to go down there on Monday.


Sunday, 2 January

Not feeling up to much and stayed in the hotel till after lunch. We then went by bus to Christchurch and took a very nice walk (crossing the river Stour by ferry). Walked to the sea. Very bleak and unattractive. Rang up Lyd and arranged to go down there tomorrow.


Monday, 3 January

Had a bad night and felt rotten. Rang up Pips before breakfast and told her I didn’t feel up to going to them today. Felt sorry about it, as she seemed so disappointed, but I wasn’t really fit. Stayed in bed all day and felt better in the evening. Reg lunched at the Norfolk Hotel Bournemouth and had his treatment. He rang up Pips in the evening and heard an excellent account of James.


Tuesday, 4 January

Felt quite a lot better. Went by bus to Bournemouth with Reg in the morning and walked till lunchtime which we had at the Norfolk Hotel. Afterwards he went on to Branksome and I sat in a shelter by the sea in glorious sunshine. Returned to Southbourne  stopping to look at the Normandie Hotel where Carine Cadly had stayed. Got back in time for tea. Reg returned later. Rang up Pippa to say I would go to her tomorrow.


Wednesday, 5 January

Southbourne Cliffs Hotel – Lyd Valley House


Left Bournemouth at 10.30 reaching Lyddaton Halt at 4.15 via Southampton and Salisbury. Changed at both places.

Trains very full but I got a seat each time. Pippa and Nicky met me at the Halt. A lovely evening. All three children looked better than I expected.


Thursday, 6 January

Lyd Valley House

Fine day. Felt absolutely rotten; and very nervous for fear I should have landed Pippa with one more invalid.

I did not go out of doors, nor did I attempt any house work, but was able to help by keeping the children amused. They none of them looked up to much and have kept to the house. A very nice ex CH boy, Philip Nichols, has been staying here.


Friday, 7 January

Felt a little better, but very exhausted. Did not leave the house. Philippa went out and helped with the cattle.

Wilma came over to the Halt. Pippa met her in the car. She looks wonderfully well, but says if she takes any exertion she feels that she has a heart.

She hopes to get a secretarial job with Farming Operations Limited.

Philip Nichols left this morning.


Saturday, 8 January

Pippa, Wilma and Philippa drove to Tavistock in the morning whilst I looked after Nicky and James and did some housework. Felt seedy at first, but improved later on.

Took Nicky and James up the river in the afternoon. Ray Bawtree came over in the afternoon to discuss plans with Wilma. We rang up Anne to wish her many happy returns. Hester and Awly are with her and seemed in great spirits. They all had lunch with Mabel and had had a fine time.


Sunday, 9 January

A fine but grey day. Pippa and Wilma and Nicky drove off to Dartmoor after breakfast to leave six goats at a farm to be mated. Nicky was sick.

They drove back to Langston Manor where Wilma was meeting the Bawtrees, and Pips and Nicky walked back from there.

Wilma and Bawtrees drove over later, and the Bs stayed till about 7 o’clock. Children very happy playing Dumb Crambo etc.

I fell down the stairs and got some bruises and felt a bit shaken. Otherwise not the worse.

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