Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Week of 27 December 1943

Monday, 27 December

1 Pelham Place

A muggy, cheerless day but turned into a fine evening. Great news. The Scharnhorst was sunk yesterday evening off Cape North.

I went out to Anne and lunched and had tea with them. Grattan was out. He played golf in the afternoon and Anne took Sarah out with Joan Bruce who is staying there.

In the evening Pippa rang up from Lyd to say they had all arrived safely after a good journey. But a bad start as James had bad earache.


Tuesday, 28 December

Feeling much better. Went ot Lincoln’s Inn Fields in the morning and saw Gerald Tooth about my will.

In the afternoon I went to Harrods to get Reg some books. 

He rang up in the evening to know if all was right for my start tomorrow. He sounded much better.


Wednesday, 29 December

1 Pelham Place – 106 Furze Croft

Grey dry day. Had my hair waved by Miss Oakley in the morning, packed, lunched early and caught 2.28 train to Brighton. Found Reg looking much better than I expected, and we had a pleasant evening and a super dinner of roast pheasant.

Pippa rang up from Lyd and said James was in bed with a temperature of 102, and Dr Lea was coming in the morning.

I rang up Mabel.


Thursday, 30 December

106 Furze Court – Southbourne Cliffs Hotel, Bournemouth

Lovely day. Horrie and Jane left for Wales at 8.30 am. Reg and I at 11.45 for Bournemouth, arriving before 3 o’clock. A most comfortable journey till Southampton after which we had to stand.

We were disappointed at the first go off by this hotel, which is in a very uninspiring position, not facing the sea, and without the modernity which Reg likes. But it has great comfort and grows on one. We had a very pleasant evening and dinner.

Rang up Lyd. Dr Lea had been and James was having M&B, but no cause for anxiety.


Friday, 31 December

Southbourne Cliffs Hotel

A lovely day. Reg and I took the bus to Boscombe Arcade and walked from there along the sea front to Bournemouth Pier. Very pleasant though we were separated from the sand by beastly barbed wire.

Lunched at the Norfolk Hotel (most attractive), did some shopping, arranged for Reg’s sun ray treatment for tomorrow and got back in time for tea. Great New Year’s Eve festivities but Reg and I saw the New Year in from bed.

Rang up Lyd and heard James was better but Pips seemed very done up and I suggested going down to help with the nursing.

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