Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Week of 10 January 1944

Monday, 10 January

Lyd Valley House

A grey mild day. I felt tired and did not go out till the afternoon when I climbed up the hill on the other side of the railway line. Ray Bawtree came to tea, also Dick Horne and Wilma drove with them to Bren Tor station to return to Pool with Ray.


Tuesday, 11 January

A poor day. Pippa felled some trees, and felled a bit of her gum boot too.


Wednesday, 12 January

Very grey and unpleasant. Pippa took the children in the car to Chillaton. I took a walk by Lipscliff and over the line up the hill under the railway line. Wilma rang up and it was arranged that Pippa should drive us to Lydford station tomorrow, and Ray should meet us there and take the car back to Bridestowe.


Thursday, 13 January

Lyd Valley House – Christ’s Hospital

Left Lydford at 11.15. Reached CH at 6 o’clock.

Oswald met us there. Rather a trying journey as Philippa felt poorly and lay prone most of the way and refused all manner of meat, and the little ones were very restless.

We left Lydford in a downpour which continued most of the day.

I rang up Mabel and arranged to go up to her tomorrow.


Friday, 14 January

Christ’s Hospital – 1 Pelham Place

Lovely frosty morning. Pippa and I went into Horsham by car. Children much better. Caught the 2.30 train up to town. Got here in time for tea. Lil in bed.  Graham Howe called to pick up his mss, and I saw him for a few minutes. The first time for over over 4 years. The boy, Nicolas, was with him.


Saturday, 15 January

1 Pelham Place

Fog. Stayed indoors all day, except for walking with Bet as far as S. Ken, where she vainly waited for a bus. She is up for the weekend having parked her family satisfactorily and spent last night with Anne. She was meeting Denis at the Berkeley where they have a room till Tuesday when he goes back with her to Wenham for his week’s leave.

Mabel and I dined with Enid and Dan.


Sunday, 16 January

Fog again. Mabel and I went to church at Christ Church, Dover St, where the vicar, Howard Marshall, preached. I thought it was quite a good sermon. Reg came to lunch after sitting with Aline at King’s College Hospital. She was operated on  yesterday by Gilicatt – womb and both ovaries removed. So far all is going well but the nurse told Reg that the danger was not yet passed, and thought it was for him to stay up in town tonight.

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