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Week of 17 January 1944

Monday 17 January

1 Pelham Place – 179 West Heath Road

Got my hair waved by Miss Heppell at Squirrel’s, Sloane St, and was lucky enough to get this diary at Truslove and Hanson. Lunched with Denis and Bet at the Berkeley Grillroom. Roddy was there too. Very pleasant and very good eats and drinks.

Saw their room afterwards – very luxurious.

Aline’s condition not quite so satisfactory, and Reg decided to postpone his return to Hove. He will sleep in my room here, and I am moving over to Anne for the night.

Had an early tea here, and met Carine Cadby and Kathleen Hill.

Got a nice welcome from Anne and Sarah.


Tuesday, 18 January

179 West Heath Road – 1 Pelham Place

An unpleasant muggy day, turning to rain in the afternoon. I took Sarah out in the afternoon and came back to Pelham Place after tea. Aline’s condition much more satisfactory and Reg went back to Hove this afternoon.

The Prime Minister returned to England this morning and went immediately to the House.


Wednesday, 19 January

1 Pelham Place

A grey day and wet in the afternoon. I took sandwiches and went to the National Gallery lunch hour concert. A song and piano recital by Myra Hess and Elena Gerhardt – Brahms, Strauss (Richard!) and Schubert. Beautiful.

Then on to Bart’s to sit and Read with Joan who had the second operation on her eye yesterday. She was completely bandaged up, but very good and uncomplaining, and in no pain. Too soon yet to know if her operation has been successful.


Thursday, 20 January

A fine day, I went off early to Miss Godwin, 14 Garvay Rd, with a lot of old clothes which she is going to rejuvenate for me. Then to Bart’s to leave a cake for Joan. She is unbandaged, Major Phillips delighted with the operation, and she will probably be leaving hospital in a week.

Then on to the National Gallery concert. The Menges quartet played a César Franck quartet. Then back here for tea. Carine Cadby, Nan Park, Ethel Browning and Mrs Pat McCormick came. It went very well. Diana and Jeremy came to tea with Lil upstairs, and joined us afterwards.

Novgorod has been taken by the Russians after two and a half years of German occupation.


Friday, 21 January

A lovely cold sunny day.

Anne brought Sarah to lunch by bus and left her here whilst she went to Miss Messenger. Mabel very tired and went to bed before tea – Lil likewise. Reg rang up this evening. He had seen Aline who is much better and will go to see Joan tomorrow.

An alert sounded this evening and there was some fairly heavy gunfire


Saturday, 22 January

A dull cold day. Mabel’s pain bad and Dr Atkinson came and diagnosed it as neuritis.  She is to stay in bed for the weekend and have injections, drops, etc. etc.

I went with Enid and Dan to Putney to see a very good film called Now Voyager. Principal part taken by Bette Davis.

Reg rang up to say that he had seen Joan and had arranged for her to stay at Bart’s till next Sunday when he will take her down to Hove for a couple of nights.


Sunday, 23 January

Woke with a heavy cold and stayed in bed till teatime. Lil and Mabel also in bed, each on a different floor.

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