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Week of 13 December 1943

Monday, 13 December

1 Pelham Place

Stayed in bed today. Dr Atkinson who was visiting Mabel said that I had a mild go of flu, and that it would be madness to think of travelling down to Brighton tomorrow. Later Horrie rang up and said that Reg was less well with a bad pain when he breathed, and that he and Jane had altered their plans to go to Wales and would stay at the flat, so there is no need for any of us to go from a nursing point of view, but Lil (if still free of flu) may go down for a night on Wednesday to talk things over with him.

Very cold day but bright and sunny.


Tuesday, 14 December

Much better. Stayed in bed till supper time which I had in the drawing room.

The Smith’s chimney caught fire in the evening and there was much coming and going of police, firemen, etc. No damage done.

Horrie rang up after lunch and gave a much better account of Reg. It was decided that Lil should postpone going down till Saturday.


Wednesday, 15 December

Feeling much better. Got up in time for lunch. Very cold.

Better news of Reg.


Thursday, 16 December


Got up for lunch. Heard on the 10 o’clock wireless that Winston Churchill is ill with pneumonia, somewhere in the Middle East. Lil lunched with Kathleen Hill. I did up some Christmas parcels in the evening.


Friday, 17 December

Colder than ever. I had a very good night.

Lil was just on the point of starting for Paddington to meet Jeremy when Roddy rang up to say that he (J) was in bed and would not be able to travel till tomorrow. So all plans were changed!

We had a very early lunch, and afterwards I went out for my first short walk, and Enid and Mabel went to the Friday Service at St Martin’s, taken by Eric Loveday.

Ethel Browning came to tea.


Saturday, 18 December

A dreadful day. Lil spent all the morning at Paddington station waiting for Jeremy’s train. When it finally arrived, no Jeremy, and Lil returned distraught with fear. However, a phone message to the school elicited that there had been a mistake and he was in the san recovering from flu and not returning till Monday.


Sunday, 19 December

Mabel went to St Martin’s but I stayed in bed most of the morning.

After lunch the weather improved and I took a short walk before Anne arrived laden with presents for the family, also apples and vegetables.

She looked well and dashed back again after an early cup of tea.

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