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Week of Monday, 20 December 1943

Monday, 20 December

1 Pelham Place

Another day of contretemps! Jeremy arrived all right at Paddington, but his luggage disappeared on the platform and they both returned here in despair. After lunch I went back and after about an hour Discovered it in the Great Western Hotel.

Lil and Mabel both terribly tired, and I felt pretty tired too.

Lil took Jeremy over to the Crees after tea where he is spending the night.

Enid brought Dan in to see us after tea.


Tuesday, 21 December

A fine day. I fetched Jeremy from the Crees and Lil and he left for Euston soon after 11.30. They were going to lunch at Liverpool St Station before going down to Wenham. Mabel and I lunched at the Criterion Grillroom in Jermyn St and did some shopping.

We both felt very tired. Kathleen Hill came to tea. Enid looked in afterwards to say goodbye before starting for Devon tomorrow.

Lil rang up from Bets to say they had arrived safely.


Wednesday, 22 December

A fine cold day. I was tired and took the morning in bed. Went to Euston Hotel to meet Joan Bruce, and lunched and had tea there, wrote letters, etc. Shed did not arrive till 5.30, though her train was due at 2.10! I drove her over to Anne who had a fine tea waiting for her, and Sarah and she gave us a great welcome. Anne also gave the taxi driver a fine tea. Enid and Dan left for Devon this morning. Their car failed to arrive at the ordered time, but finally the got away.


Thursday, 23 December

A fine dry day. I felt tired and fighting a cold so stayed in bed till lunchtime. It was our Christmas dinner with a fine turkey, plum puddings (one of them made by Anne) and mince pies. Very peacetime fare and washed down by Algerian wine.

The Mayers and Ethel and Ruth Browning were the guests. A great success but tiring and I felt exhausted afterwards. Lil turned up at teatime from Wenham, her train was very little late. Pippa rang up in the evening to say that Joan was happily settled in. So all the children are now accounted for.


Friday, 24 December

Felt poorly with my cold and very tired so I phoned Anne that I would not come to lunch as arranged. I stayed in bed till suppertime and felt the better for it.

Mabel had Jack Miller and his sister Estelle to tea, also Mrs Park and Mrs Graeme. Lil helped with the entertaining, and I felt very luxurious in having my tea quietly in bed.


Saturday, 25 December

A fine day. Mabel, Lil and I all had our presents in our bedrooms. I felt awfully tired. Lil and I went to St Luke’s Chelsea and stayed for the 12 o’clock communion. Mabel went to St Martin’s.

We ate the remains of our Christmas party dinner and looked after ourselves.

I did not go out again.


Sunday, 26 December

Another fine day. Everyone felt terribly tired. I did not stir out till the afternoon when I went into the Oratory for a bit and stayed for Benediction. Quite the nicest part of today.

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