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Week of 24 January 1944

Monday 24 January

1 Pelham Place

Cold still very heavy and took all day in bed, and felt distinctly better in the evening. Lil and Mabel both out having various treatments. Mabel distinctly better – Lil in a good deal of pain.

The Mayers came to tea with Mabel.


Tuesday 25 January

A cold wind and a lot of it, but a lovely sunny afternoon. My cold better, but I did not get up till teatime. Mabel very tired after very little sleep and a bad go of neuritis.

I rang up Anne and arranged to put off my visit there till after I came down from leaving Joan back at school. Probably one day next week.

Her cold sounded better, and she said Sarah’s was coming to nothing.


Wednesday 26 January

Cold better but day very wet and I did not go out of doors.

Very fed up with the house.


Thursday, 27 January

Lil in bed feeling very seedy. I felt very tired myself. Did a little shopping in the morning.

In the afternoon Mabel had some people to tea viz Kathleen Hill, Jack Miller, Dan Farson and a young Mrs Ashley Clarke.


Friday 28 January

A fine day and I felt better. Lunched at Café des Alliés in Beauchamp Place and afterwards went to see the Yugoslav Exhibition at Burlington House. Really lovely things, both sculpture and painting, and also native costume and handicraft.

I dined with Enid and Dan.


Saturday 29 January

I went out to Anne and had lunch and tea there. She looked seedy with a heavy cold, but Sarah is blooming. Both Lil and Mabel in bed with fluish colds.

I felt very tired.


Sunday, 30 January

A really lovely day. I went to morning service at Brompton Church. In the afternoon I walked down to leave some things for Ethel Browning who has been ill, but was much better today.

Dr Atkinson came this morning and said that both Lil and Mabel had mild attacks of flu.

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