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Week of 31 January 1943

Monday 31 January

1 Pelham Place


Another lovely day. I still feel very tired. Lil and Mabel both in bed, the former feeling worse than yesterday. Mabel got up before dinner.

I did some shopping for them in the morning and then went to lunch with Kathleen Hill. Then on to Kensington Food Office to get my emergency card.


Tuesday, 1 February 1943

I had a bad night and felt very poorly. Realized that I was not really fit to take Joan up to Lancashire by night train tomorrow. Rang up Reg to that effect at the farm, having previously found out that the Universal Aunts could supply an escort. He was very willing to fall in with the plan so that is well settled.

Dr Atkinson came to see me before lunch. He thought I was very overtired and would need to rest for some time. Blood pressure high – 170 to 180. He will see me again in a week. Meanwhile I am to keep mostly to bed. I rang up Anne and told her I should not be able to go out to her next week.


Wednesday, 2 February 1943

I had a splendid night with my sleeping tablet, and also slept in the afternoon. Stayed in bed all day. Saw Reg for a few minutes after tea. He had brought Joan here after being at the hospital with Aline – I met Mrs McCullough from the Universal Aunts who is taking Joan up tonight by sleeper and depositing her at school tomorrow.


Thursday, 3 February

An uneventful day but comfortably spent in bed. I felt rather more tired, and rather staggery and giddy when I moved about.


Friday, 4 February

Spent the day in bed. Felt staggery when I moved about.

Florence came back to work for the first time for more than a fortnight.


Saturday, 5 February

Felt rather stronger. I got up in the evening and had my supper in the drawing room which made a pleasant change.

Mabel lunched with Kathleen Hill and Enid with Lil and Elisabeth Thompson.


Sunday, 6 February

A brilliant but very cold day. I was in two minds about going out but decided not to, and stayed in bed till after tea.

Had supper down in the dining room with Mabel and feel quite a lot better, though my equilibrium is not my strong point.

Mabel went to church at St Martin’s and Lil lunched with Roddy at the Berkeley.

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