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Week of 13 March 1944

Monday, 13 March

1 Pelham Place

A blustery March day. I felt a lot better. Lil and I went to the midday performance of the Marie Curie film at the Empire. Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon in the name parts. We both thought it one of the best films we have ever seen.

After tea I walked over to see Aunt Julia, but heard she had left town a week ago to go to one of her daughters.

After dinner I rang up Reg at Hove. He sounded down and not too well.


Tuesday, 14 March

I felt a lot better. Went to see Kathleen Hill in the morning(she has a lovely pink almond tree) and had a pleasant talk with her.

Heard from Anne that Sarah was seedy and she was asking the doctor to come. Later heard that the doctor suspected whooping cough.

A very noisy raid this evening starting about 10.30, but it was all over by midnight.


Wednesday, 15 March


Heard this morning that a bomb had dropped in Sloane Avenue and that Reggie’s house is badly damaged. No casualties there.

Anne rang up and I arranged to go out there this afternoon and look after Sarah whilst she did some shopping. She looks very seedy (S but also A) but I feel hopeful that it may be only cutting a tooth with a bronchial attack.


Thursday, 16 March

Rang up Anne and heard that Sarah was about the same. Doctor had promised to look in but had not done so. I bought a sandwich lunch and took it with me to the midday performance of San Demetrio at the Rialto Cinema. A truly wonderful film of the Merchant Navy, but rather exhausting as one comes out battered from the storms and hardships.


Friday, 17 March

A fine day. I continue to feel pounds better. Sat with Enid for a little while this morning; she is in bed with a gouty head and throat. In the afternoon I walked down to see Reggie’s house in Sloane Av. Very badly blitzed and it will have to be demolished, they think.

Later went for my treatment to GH. Helpful as always and we had an interesting talk over a cup of tea.

In the evening Bets rang up and gave a capital account of them all.

A short alert and some gunfire in the distance but all over before bed-time.


Saturday, 18 March

Lunched with Anne. Sarah looked and seemed far better than when I saw her on Wednesday, but the doctor who saw her yesterday still thinks she probably has whooping cough, and gave her an injection. I was just leaving after tea when Grattan turned up with Denis, so I stayed on for a while.


Sunday, 19 March

Felt very tired so did not go to church with Mabel but stayed in bed till lunch-time.

In the afternoon I walked down to the Brownings with a basket of provisions as we heard that Ruth was in bed. I am afraid she has got chicken pox or something of that kind, as a rash has come out.The lady Quaker doctor will see her tomorrow.

After tea I went to see Enid for a few minutes. She is up and about again, but does not look up to much.

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