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Week of 20 March 1944

Monday, 20 March

1 Pelham Place

Felt very tired and stayed in doors most of the day. Just took my reel [?] round to the S. Kensington shop to have it stretched.


Tuesday, 21 March

Felt tired and stayed in bed most of the morning. Reg came to lunch. He was not feeling well, nor looked so.

He was in town to meet his agent on the ruins of his Sloane Avenue house. After tea Lil and I went to the Aldwych to see the Lunts in There Shall Be No Night. A very moving play, most beautifully acted. We got back by 8.30.


Wednesday, 22 March

A raid from 1 to 2 am. We all dressed partially and came down into the dining room. Pretty noisy and far spread with damage but nothing near. Slept well after the all clear went.

After an early lunch I bussed out to Anne, and found Celia Welfare spending the day there. Sarah looking very well and cheerful. The doctor had been and said it was a clear case of whooping cough and had given her a second injection.


Thursday, 23 March

Got a shampoo and hairwave from Miss Heppell this morning and did a little shopping before lunch.

Had tea with Enid and Dan.

Later, Mr and Mrs Harold Raymond came in for drinks to meet Harold Ballin. Dan also came in so we were six. The talk was very interesting and they did not leave till nearly 8 o’clock.


Friday, 24 March

Enid and Dan left for Devon this morning. I went up to Kensington to get my food card renewed. Mabel and I had an early lunch and went to the St Martins midday service, and heard an address on death. I then went over to Ethel’s and took her some cakes. Ruth better, but feeling pretty seedy.


Saturday, 25 March

A noisy raid last night from 11.30 till 1 am but no bombs near us. I did some shopping in the morning and after lunch sat in the garden round St Luke’s, Chelsea.

Captain Cyril Falls came to tea and Denis and Jack Miller to meet him, also Mabel and Lil. The last time we met was at Winkenhurst.

In the evening, I rang up Bet. Their quarantine is over tomorrow and I arranged to go down to her on Tuesday till Friday. They are in the banned area [?] which is closed next Saturday.


Sunday, 26 March

A lovely day. Summer indeed. I went to the 12.15 Communion at Brompton Parish Church.

In the afternoon I went by bus to Battersea Park and sat out by the river in blazing sunshine.

Back to tea. Ingrid Parker and Gerda Ballin came. Lil came back in time for dinner, tired out after a long day in the country. She had gone with Clair Cameron to some group meeting [?] where CC talked on gnosticism.

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