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Week of 17 April 1944

Monday, 17 April

1 Pelham Place

A fine day. Anne and Sarah came to lunch and afterwards I looked after her while Anne did some shopping before she took her over to tea with Enid to meet Peggy and Sarah Richardson (daughter and granddaughter of Dick Sheppard.

In the morning I had been for my third and last interview with Graham Howe – particularly helpful. In the afternoon I saw Dr Atkinson who was pleased with my progress but said a lot of rest was still necessary.

Blood pressure 160.


Tuesday, 18 April

1 Pelham Place – Sheepcote

Left Liverpool St at 10.20 with a mass of luggage. Mabel came to see me off. Tils Smith met me, and Mrs Rulton and Green were here, and the kettle boiling and flowers in all the rooms. The house looked very big and very empty but very nice, and the garden much less of a wilderness than I feared.

Coe came up after tea and gave me a great welcome. Mrs Rulton stayed and cooked my supper. I went early to bed. Everything seems very strange but I am glad to be back.


Wednesday, 19 April


Two alerts during the night, and some bombs dropped at Braintree. Mrs Rulton brought me up my breakfast.

I did my unpacking, went to see Aymée Grant and cooked my lunch which I had out on the verandah. Rested during the afternoon, and went to tea with Mrs Monty.

Heard old Plumb had had a fall (he has been failing for some time) and went up to see him. He knew me but seemed very ill. Dr Bromley came and Mrs Borer and Mrs Ellis sat up with him.


Thursday, 20 April

Plumb died at 1 am. A very peaceful end. I had a beautiful night’s sleep. A very busy day getting things straight.

Had lunch and tea out on the verandah. Two different women have been up already wanting Plumb’s cottage but I have said I am seeing Mr Keith and cannot give them any answer.

Rang up Bet in the evening. She does not sound very [?]


Friday, 21 April

A lovely morning but turned into a horrid grey afternoon.

I was able to lunch out on the verandah as usual. Rested in afternoon, and picked flowers for Mrs Wheeler to make wreaths for Plumb’s funeral tomorrow. Later I made a wreath. Mrs Monty provided the frame work.

It looked quite nice, japonica, honesty, double [?] arabis and sprays of prunus.


Saturday, 22 April

A lovely day for Plumb’s funeral which I attended and everything went very well. I had tea out of doors (lunch too). Coe and Smith were working in the garden. I decided that we would not mow the lawn opposite smoking-room window, and merely cut a path through it to the copper beech.

Mabel rang up in the evening to say she was in bed with a heavy cold and might not be able to come here on Monday.


Sunday, 23 April

The most perfect day yet. Lunch and tea out of doors and I lay out for hours reading in the chaise longue. Went to early service again for matins. The Gordon Highlanders attended. Mabel rang up to say she was much better and would come down tomorrow.

A terrible accident at Home Guard practice this morning. Five men killed and several injured of whom two have since died in hospital.

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