Sunday, 24 May 2009

Week of April 10 1944

Monday, 10 April

1 Pelham Place

Spent a lazy morning in bed. Mabel and I went to the matinée of Pink String and Sealing Wax. Very slight but pleasant entertainment and well acted. From there we went on to Royal Avenue for her injection. She felt poorly with bad backache and came straight back to bed.


Tuesday, 10 April

1 Pelham Place – 179 West Heath Road

Did some shopping in the morning. Went out in the afternoon to the Grattans to spend the night there as they’re going to a theatre.

When half there, I found that I had started without my glasses so I had to retrace my steps. Brought my “reserve” pair as the other one had disappeared. Spent a pleasant restful evening with a book, and Anne had left me a lovely supper. Sarah never stirred.


Wednesday, 12 April

179 West Heath Road – 1 Pelham Place

Came back in morning by taxi with suitcase of silver, Hoover, hampers [?] of stores and wireless.

In the afternoon went to Mr Frank Butler to have 4 front teeth out. Lil came with me in case in case I wanted a taxi back, but there were no bad effects. I had gas and Butler had the top plate (the old one with additional teeth put in) all ready, and it was wonderfully comfortable.

Enid arrived back from Devon.


Thursday, 13 April

1 Pelham Place – 179 West Heath Road

Shopped in the morning. Went out again to the Grattans and arrived there in time for tea. They again went to a theatre. Sarah more wakeful this time but very good.


Friday, 14 April

179 West Heath Road – 1 Pelham Place

A short raid about 1 am with some firing. Anne brought Sarah down to the basement. I went down fro five minutes, and then returned to bed. Left for 1PP about 11 am, and did some shopping before lunch and again.


Saturday, 15 April

1 Pelham Place

Did some shopping in morning. Mabel and I lunched at Scarey Tansley [?] in Sloane St. Very good value.

Afterwards we saw a French film at the Academy called Heart of a Nation. Very good indeed. Came back to tea afterwards. I went to say goodbye to the Brownings.


Sunday, 16 April

A grey day with heavy showers. Mabel and I went to St Martin’s where we heard a very good sermon from Mr Marborough on Prayers for the Dead.

Then I lunched at Kathleen Hill who gave me a very good lunch.

The Mayers came here for tea after which I went round to Nan Park to say goodbye to her.

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