Friday, 29 May 2009

Week of 24 April 1944

Monday, 24 April


Much colder and quite sunless till evening. Busy all day arranging for Mab’s arrival. She got here for tea and I met her at the station. I think she is delighted with the look of everything, and the house is full of flowers.


Tuesday, 25 April

A very cold day with north wind. We had the fire in the drawing room all day. My bike had arrived from Devon and I fetched it from the station. It looks a lamentable object.

Mrs Kelks came came to tea, Aymée Grant had also been bidden but cried off as she had a migraine.

Rang up Great Wenham. Bet sounded better and said the children’s circus had been a great success.


Wednesday, 26 April

A lovely day. We had lunch and tea out of doors. Aymée Grant looked in afterwards.

Gatward (Plumb’s nephew) came to see me later and said that Mrs Borer was cleaning out at the cottage and would hand me the key at the end of the week.

Peggy came up after tea and gave the Lanchester a clean up before its journey to Devon. It will be sent off tomorrow, if the truck arrives.


Thursday, 27 April

Another lovely day. A wire from Wilma to say “do nothing about the car”, so all arrangements had to be cancelled at the eleventh hour. Luckily the car had not started.

The funeral of the 6 Home Guards killed in the accident last Sunday took place today. Scantlebury Philip [?] was buried here, and 3 at Sible. Magnificent flowers.


Friday, 28 April

A fine day but chilly, and I lighted a fire before tea.

Lady Rycroft and the Montys came, and I cut them some lettuces afterwards.

Mrs Martin (Girlie) cleaned the kitchens in the afternoon. She will come up Tuesdays and Fridays for a couple of hours at 1/- an hour.


Saturday, 29 April

A very overcast rather bleak day, but brightened up in the evening. I felt tired all day. Mabel too, after a very sleepless night.


Sunday, 30 April

A gorgeous summer day. I felt much better than yesterday.

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