Friday, 22 May 2009

Week of 27 March 1944

Monday 27 March

1 Pelham Place

Another lovely day. After an early lunch I went out to spend the afternoon with Anne. Sat out in the little front garden with Sarah (who looks quite well again) in her pram. The doctor came and gave her her third and last injection whilst Anne was out queuing up for oranges.


Tuesday, 28 March

1 Pelham Place – Great Wenham Hall

Packed and got sandwiches and shrimps to take down to the Capes. Left Liverpool St by 2.20 train reaching Bentley at 4.40 where a car met me.

Got a lovely welcome from Bet and the children, all of them looking better than I had hoped for. Alice looking very well and pretty; she covers a lot of ground. The place looks very pretty.


Wednesday, 29 March

Great Wenham Hall

A cold and sunless day. I did not come down till nearly lunchtime. It is my birthday and the children had got me presents and cards, and Bet gave me a lovely spring posy.

In the afternoon they rode Bobby and Heather. Pippa and Anne both rang up to wish me many happy returns.


Thursday, 30 March

A lovely sunny day. Hester and I picked horse chestnut boughs in the churchyard for me to take up with me tomorrow.


Friday, 31 March

Great Wenham Hall – 1 Pelham Place

Woke to bitter cold and heavy snow showers. Had an early lunch and drove to Bentley to catch a 12.40 train. Very late and very crowded.

I drive to 1PP and kept the taxi whilst I had a hurried tea (Mabel was entertaining Jeremy to tea) and then drove on to the Holy Trinity Paddington. where Graham Howe was giving an address. Interesting as always but not so inspiring to me as often. Lil had come with him.


Saturday, 1 April

1 Pelham Place

Still very cold. I went to Harrods and took out a children’s library subs for Hester and Awly.

After an early lunch I went out to Anne. Both she and Sarah looked fine. She was delighted with the boughs from Wenham.

Another raid-free night.


Sunday, 2 April

Some rain and not quite so cold. I went ot church at Holy Trinity, Brompton.

Reg came to tea, and afterwards I walked down with him past his demolished house in Sloane Av. where he took a bus to Victoria station for Hove and I walked back feeling very tired.

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