Friday, 22 May 2009

Week of 3 April 1944

Monday 3 April

1 Pelham Place

Much milder.Lunched early and went to the mid-day service at St Martin’s where I met Mab. It was the first of Eric Loveday’s addresses on worship. Very thoughtful.

Then I went to see Frank Butler and we arranged that I should have my four front teeth out and my plate altered. Came back to tea and found Mrs Ryan and Huxtable here.

?? came in later and Mabel gave us sherry and biscuits.


Tuesday, 4 April

Heavy rain through the night and much milder. Mabel and I lunched early and went together to Eric Loveday’s second address. I stopped at Harrods on my way back and bought Toys for Jeremy and Joan. Felt very tired and rested till I went to a late tea with Kathleen Hill.


Wednesday; 5 April

A mild day but grey and cloudy. I lunched with Anne and Grattan and packed up the silver and stores which I am taking back with me to Sheepcote.


Thursday, 6 April

Mabel and I lunched early and went to the lunch time service at St Martin’s. Afterwards, I took some eaties to the Brownings, got my feet attended to by Miss Messenger and had tea with Lil.


Friday, 7 April

A horrid cold day turning nice later. Mabel and I went to St Martin’s for the Three Hour Service taken by Eric Loveday. I only stayed for part of it but she stayed for the whole and greatly liked it. I had some lunch at Venice restaurant on my way back, and was not favourably impressed.

After tea I went to Battersea Park – very cold.


Saturday, 8 April

A lovely sunny day. I did a little shopping and met Ethel for lunch at 46 Beaufort Gardens. It advertises “the best food in London” but it is very poor value for money, quite expensive.


Sunday, 9 April

Mabel and I went to the 10.15 Easter Communion at St Martin’s. The church was absolutely packed. Very lovely spring decorations. Rested during the afternoon, and went again to the Evening Service which was packed almost to suffocation. Loveday preached.

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