Friday, 19 June 2009

Monday, 21 August

Monday, 21 August

Great Wenham Hall-Sheepcote

A grey dreary day. Some rain at intervals. Grattan left in the early morning. I left after lunch. The whole Wenham family came with me in the car as far as Hadleigh, where Alice and Sarah were fitted for shoes.

I then bussed on to Sudbury where Mabel met me in Tils’ car. Got back in time for tea. Received a great welcome. Everything seems to have gone excellently in my absence.


Tuesday, 22 August


Very busy day. Lots of arrears to catch up with.


Wednesday, 23 August

Splendid news on the 1 o’clock wireless. Paris is liberated. Apparently a rising of the population with the help of the maquis.

In the evening we heard that Marseille was also free.

A lovely afternoon, and we had tea under the copper beech.


Thursday, 24 August

Downpours of rain.

Enid did great work going through my music.


Friday, 25 August

Very confused news about the situation in Paris.


Saturday, 26 August

A very lovely day.

The liberation of Paris is officially confirmed and de Gaulle has been touring the city.

We had tea under the copper beech; it was very nice, barring the wasps. Mabel went to see Aymée Grant after tea. I rang up Bet and learnt that Hester had not been able to go to the pony rally at Langham, owing to a sick attack. Grattan was down for 48 hours. Not feeling up to much as he had been inoculated against various diseases.


Sunday, 27 August

A lovely day and I felt better than for some time passed.

Mabel and I went to Sible church in the morning – I biked – a very nice service.  Enid and Ethel Browning went over to the chapel. I talked to Miss Heyworth after the service and she says she can house my car for me. There is also a chance that she may be able to find a home for Emily.

I rang up Wenham after lunch and heard that they were all feeling better and that Awly had greatly enjoyed the pony rally yesterday.

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