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Week of 28 August 1944

Monday, 28 August


A very wet morning, but turned into quite a nice afternoon. I felt very tired all day. Mabel rather upset by an unpleasant letter from Mrs Smith on financial matters.


Tuesday, 29 August

A fine day. Ruth Browning rang up twice (in the afternoon and evening) to say that she thought it was essential for Ethel to return as Mrs Preston of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau had called again, and thought there might be trouble with the army authorities otherwise.


Wednesday, 30 August

Ethel decided that she would go back to London on Friday.


Thursday, 31 August

A fine day. Ethel got up early and sat in the verandah shelling peas before lunch.

Mr Joscelyne turned up in the morning and we arranged that he should take the things over to Bet end of Sept. or beginning October.

In the afternoon, we collected garden produce for Ethel which Coe packed in the hamper.


Friday, I September

We all saw Ethel off by the 10 o’clock train. She has been here going on for three months.

A beautiful day. We rang up in the evening and heard that Ethel had arrived safely but had a bad go of toothache and Ruth did not think her looking well which was disappointing.

Saturday, 2 September

Not a nice day, and a lot of rain and thunder.

Dr Bromley came in the morning and saw Enid about her foot which has been very painful. He also took my blood pressure which is dwon to 160. But he said it was not quite what it should be in tone and rhythm. Which just means overtiredness.

Rang up Wenham and heard that Grattan had left England today by air. Anne rather down.


A fine day but quite cold. We all three went to church. Lots of Home Guard and Fire Services present. Mr Harvey (Alice Rycroft’s husband) preached.

After tea I went to see Aymée Grant.

Enid went to evening service at the chapel.

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