Thursday, 18 June 2009

Week of 14 August 1944

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Monday, 14 August


Gorgeous day. Much fresher. I felt better. Rang up Bet and arranged to go to them tomorrow.

A stirring order of the day from Eisenhower calling on renewed efforts from every sailor, soldier and airman in his command.


Tuesday, 15 August

Sheepcote-Great Wenham Hall

Lovely day. Drove to Sudbury in Til Smith’s car. Caught 4 o’clock bus to Halstead where H, Awly and Alice met me in a car which brought me here in time for tea. The place looked most attractive, and everyone fit and well. We had a lovely tea and afterwards Hester and Awly rode bare backed and did some little jumps. Alice and Sarah had rides too. (Enid, Mabel and Ethel drove with me as far as Sudbury.)

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News came through at lunch time that we had invaded the south of France.


Wednesday, 16 August

Great Wenham Hall

A rather hot exhausting day, and Sarah rather cross – probably teething. She and Alice had great fun, bathing in tubs on the lawn. Hester and Awly biked over to Bentley to spend the afternoon with some friends.

I rang up Sheepcote and heard that all was well there. I told them that bets had asked me to stay till Monday, and arranged to do this if all continued well.


Thursday, 17 August

A cooler pleasanter day.

Great news on the 1 o’clock wireless. We have taken Chartres, Dreux and OrlĂ©ans and the American Army is pressing on towards Paris. Our guns can be heard in the capital.

All going well, too, on the Southern France invasion front and the Russians are close to E Prussian frontier.

I walked down the road after supper. The harvest looks splendid.


Friday, 18 August

Fine day with a good deal of wind. Anne biked over in the morning to East Bergholt. Margaret Chevallier biked over to lunch from Sproughton and stayed till after tea. Three friends of Hester and Awly came to spend the afternoon. Daphne Pemberton rang me up and we had a long chat over the telephone.

Excellent war news from all fronts.


Saturday, 19 August

A cooler day but very exhausting. Looked like rain but it did not come to much. Children rode bare backed after tea.

Dr Henry Wood died today.

Grattan turned up after dinner.


Sunday, 20 August

A very cheerless grey morning with pouring rain in the afternoon. I went to evening church, Grattan and Anne took the children to service in camp in the afternoon. Everyone tired and under the weather.

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