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Week of 10 July 1944

Monday, 10 July


Very unsettled weather. Bright intervals and heavy rain.

Rang up both Pippa and Betty and heard that it has been arranged for Anne and Sarah to go to Gt Wenham on Thursday.


Tuesday, 11 July

Very unsummery weather in the morning with a lot of wind. Turned fine in the afternoon.  I felt very tired and lay down till supper time. Mabel brought me up tea and saw to the supper. Pippa rang up; all well but Nicky and James rather nervy.


Wednesday, 12 July

A thundery cloudy day. I stayed in bed till after tea, and Enid and Mabel did what was necessary in the cooking line.


Thursday, 13 July

A much fresher day though with some heavy rain in the afternoon. I felt much better and was able to cope with all the chores. Rang up Bet in the evening and heard that Anne and Sarah had arrived safely, and spoke to Anne who seemed fit and in good spirits.

Coe and H Smith swopped some grass in front of drawing room and smoking room.


Friday, 14 July

Another unsettled day. Felt very tired and had a lot of weekend chores.

When we were in the midst of a very slender supper there was a loud knock at the dining room door, and Mr Cunliffe burst in! He had found the Hedingham Hotel locked and deserted and had climbed in through the open window to deposit his suitcase. He shared our meagre fare.

Soon afterwards Pips rang up to say that she and Honor Sargeant were going down to Lyd with a family of 8 children! Reason being that a case of infantile paralysis has occurred in Philippa’s class! Also Nicky is still very nervy so it seems best on all grounds.


Saturday, 15 July

A much nicer day – evening lovely – and we all had tea under the copper beech, including Mr Cunliffe and a Mr Bissat who has come down to take copious measurements. They were both here throughout the day. He is contemplating drastic changes inside and out, mostly improvements, but already I feel that Sheepcote has ceased to belong to me.


Sunday, 16 July

An absolutely lovely summer day. Unfortunately I had a bit of cold in my chest and a slight temp so had to stay in bed.

Mr Cunliffe came up and sat with me in the morning and again after tea which he had with the others under the copper beech. We went through the draft contract and arranged that the date of possession should be Oct 31st. I rang up CH but Pips was in chapel so I could only speak to Mary who told me that all the children were well.

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