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Week of 3 July 1944

Monday, 3 July


Pouring rain all day. Very good for the garden. Anne rang up in the evening to ask me to find out if nurse Adams at Great Yeldham could take Sarah if she decided to leave her here for a while and go back to town to look after Grattan. They had had a Doodle quite near them at CH.

Rang up Bet. All well there.


Tuesday, 4 July

A perfect sunny day. Everyone felt much better. Marjorie Mathis and Christopher, and her sister-in-law and little girl came up after tea and picked fruit.

Minsk has fallen.

Lil rang up. Very cheerful. Says it has definitely been a quieter day in London.


Wednesday, 5 July

Another perfect summer day. Very busy as Mrs Rowland’s baby is still poorly, so she was not able to come in and help. We had tea under the copper beech.

Winston Churchill spoke in the House about the Doodle Bug and did not minimize the individual suffering it was causing nor hold out much hope of a rapid cessation. All assistance would be given to mothers of young children etc. to move to safer areas.


Thursday, 6 July

A very lovely day.

Coe and H Smith netted the raspberries which look like being a fine crop.

Rang up Lil in the evening. She was very tired after a bad night but otherwise all right.


Friday, 7 July

Some rain in the night and grey and overcast most of the day but turned into a lovely evening. Ethel Browning seems much better.

The tennis court has been scythed in preparation for the Chapel Sunday School treat tomorrow.


Saturday, 8 July

A lovely summer day. I rang up CH in the morning and spoke to Pips and Anne and told the latter that Bet was most anxious she should take Sarah there, and Anne said she would discuss it with G who was going to CH for the weekend.

Heard that Nicky and James were rather nervy in consequence of the Doodles who were passing over, and it is possible that Pippa will decide to take the children to Lyd without waiting for end of term.

The Chapel Sunday School treat was held on our “lawn” this afternoon. Afterwards a vote of thanks was passed to me, and Mrs Lewishy presented me with a book token. Very kind.

Fierce battle raging for Caen.


Sunday, 9 July

Lovely in early morning. A wet afternoon and fine again after supper. Mabel was the only churchgoer.

She and I took a walk round by Mrs Tilbrook’s after tea. AymĂ©e Grant also came in to see us.

Caen has fallen to us.

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