Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Week of 17 July 1944

Monday, 17 July


Not nearly so nice a day, grey and heavy. I stayed in bed all day with my cold. I felt pretty rotten.

Had telephone calls from Pips and Lil. The CH children are very excited at the thought of starting for Lyd tomorrow.


Tuesday, 18 July

A grey day turning into a lovely evening. I felt full of cold and rather seedy but improved towards evening. Stayed in bed all day.

Rang up Bet and heard that all was well there.


Wednesday, 19 July

Stayed in bed all day. Enid and Mabel managed splendidly.


Thursday, 20 July

Felt distinctly better and got up after tea and went out in the garden for a little.

In the evening we heard of a bomb at Hitler’s headquarters. He had only a few bruises but all his staff were injured. Great excitement


Friday, 21 July

Heard this morning that Hitler had broadcast to the German nation to say that there had been a revolt by some of his generals _ many of whom had already been arrested (one executed). Himmler has been made C in C of the Reich. Very strict censorship but it looks as if there was a state of civil war in Germany.

Pippa rang up from Lyd this evening. All well as to health, but the usual crop of Farm Disasters.


Saturday, 22 July

A very dismal grey day. I felt much better and was up by 11 o’clock, but felt tired towards evening.

Mr Bessant (Mr Cunliffe’s builder) was down here with his foreman taking measurements. The welfare family arrived in the village by the last train and we went out to meet them as they passed by on their way to their various lodgings.


Sunday, 23 July

A heavy exhausting sort of day. I had a slight temp. and more cough so stayed in bed all day. Very fed up.

Nanny [?] sat with me for a bit in the morning. They all seem very happy and content with their quarters. Lil rang up in the evening to know how I was. She said they were having a very noisy time in London.

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