Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Week of 11 September 1944

Monday, 11 September


A most lovely autumn day and I felt much better.

Our troops have advanced into Germany.


Tuesday, 12 September

Perfect weather. I went into Halstead to get my hair washed and waved and did some shopping.

American troops are into Germany. Eupen is taken.


Wednesday, 13 September

A very lovely day.

War news very good.

Enid and Mabel much cheered by hearing that their windows were to be glazed and that the workmen might be done before their return on Friday.


Thursday, 14 September

Another glorious day. Disappointing news from Mrs Smith. Mabel’s house is in an impossible condition – all windows out, and she has put off her return till after the weekend. Enid goes tomorrow as arranged, and I have been busy packing a hamper of garden produce – mostly onions and tomatoes.


Friday, 15 September

Fine day. Mabel and I saw Enid off by the 10 o’clock train. We had a nice day together and took the walk round by the Castle and Scotch Pastures after tea. Had supper together in the kitchen.


Saturday, 16 September

A dull heavy day. I felt very tired all day. There was an alert early and a doodle came over the village about 6 am with a fighter chasing it with machine gun fire. Luckily for us he did not hit it.

Everlyn Hepburn turned up unexpectedly in the afternoon. She biked over from Shalford where she and Susan are staying with Tirzah. Rang up Bet. She had had a cable from Denis in Washington. He expected to be back soon. Anne had heard from Grattan.


Sunday, 17 September

A perfectly gorgeous day. I had taken Adalin without much effect. But I felt much better today. Mabel and I went to Sible Church and had a nice service and sermon. We stayed for the Communion afterwards. Mr Sloan preached on a text taken from the lesson about Nebuchadnezzar. But If Not!

We had tea out of doors and Mabel went afterwards to say goodbye to Aymée Grant. Enid rang up in the evening. All very well with her.

Our first Allied Airborne Army have landed in Holland.

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