Sunday, 21 June 2009

Week of 4 September 1944

Monday 4 September


Brussels is liberated. The 4th European capital in three months.

A horrid wet day. Enid feeling poorly with an attack of gout. I felt very exhausted and I expect Mabel did the same.

Rang up Ethel Browning in the evening. She had had an interview with Mrs Preston who is acting on behalf of the ATS.

Only moderately satisfactory.


Tuesday, 5 September

Still alloverish and stayed in bed all day. Just came down after supper to listen to the news. Enid and Mabel coped with the cooking very successfully.


Wednesday, 6 September

Felt much better and got downstairs before lunch, but did not go out of doors.

High wind


Thursday, 7 September

Horrid wet day. My cold quite gone but I felt a bit tired. Enid very seedy with a gout attack.

Lil rang up in the evening. She says Roddy hopes to be out of the army by the end of next week. Bet rang up. Anne had had a couple of letters from Grattan, but she does not know where he is.


Friday, 8 September

Quite a cold day with rain at intervals and some hailstorms. Enid stayed in bed all day with gout attack. Coe came up after tea and collected produce for Lady Ryecroft’s stall at the Castle Fete tomorrow.


Saturday, 9 September

Fine day though cold.

I went up to the fete at the Castle in the afternoon, and had tea with Mrs Marsh, Miss Heyworth and Miss Bryan. A great crowd there.

Enid took a a second day in bed.


Sunday, 10 September

A perfectly glorious day, and Mabel and I went to morning service at Sible Hedingham. Enid wonderfully better and went to the chapel over the way but did not feel quite up to the walk at Sible Hedingham.

Rang up Bet and heard everyone was well there.

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