Saturday, 6 June 2009

Week of 12 June 1944

Monday, 12 June


A much better day. Anne and Sarah went down to the station to see Grattan off by 8 am train. Marjorie Mathis and Nicholas came to tea which e had on the lawn. Anne and I also had our supper out of doors on the lawn.

The new Russian offensive has started on the Finnish border. Very satisfactory news from Normandy.

I heard from Dickie Pemberton that Daphne is in Ipswich Hospital with a badly fractured skull caused by a fall from a wagon but is doing well.


Tuesday, 13 June

A very wild wet morning; it was not till after tea that it turned really nice, and Anne and I actually had our supper out of doors.

She has packed a hamper of garden produce.

All seems going well on the various fronts.


Wednesday, 14 June

Very variable weather. Cold, hot sun, cloud, storm, etc. I saw Anne and Sarah off by morning train which started 30 minutes late. Rang her up this evening and heard they had all been turned out of the train at Brentwood, and sent round to Fenchurch St. Grattan met them there, but they did not get back to the flat till 4.30.

A telephone message from Reg this morning. He will come down tomorrow for a couple of nights.

Had a nice letter from Denis. Very heavy fighting in Normandy.


Thursday, 15 June

A better day, but still very windy and changeable. I felt very tired and was busy making arrangements for Reggie’s arrival. He came by the usual train. Tils not there to meet him as the station master said it would be late. But Reg phone up and we soon got down.


Friday, 16 June

A lot of wind and not warm. I felt very tired. Did some cooking in the morning, and after lunch Reg and I had an interview with Quinton re farm figures. It was arranged that I should keep on the farm rather than sell it under the price I was asking – viz £2200. I then came back to rest and Reg walked round by Hovis Mill.

On the 6 o’clock news we heard that the Germans are sending pilotless planes over the southern part of England.


Saturday, 17 June

Reg left by 10 o’clock train.

Blowing hard and very cold and wretched. I felt very off colour and thankful to have no-one to cook for, though I greatly enjoyed having Reg.

Rang up Mabel in the evening and heard that all was well, both at S Ken and Hampstead.


Sunday, 18 June

A much nicer day though still very windy, but I was able to have lunch, tea and supper out of doors. Went to Choral Communion.

Pippa rang up in the evening to say that a lot of pilotless planes were coming over, and she had written to Wilma to say that unless the situation completely changed she could not go down to Lyd on Thursday next as arranged.

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