Friday, 5 June 2009

Week of 5 June 1944

Monday 5 June


Another chilly blustery day

Rome has fallen


Invasion started

Tuesday, 6 June

Great news on wireless this morning. Invasion has started. An armada of 4000 large ships with several thousand small ones has landed our troops in Normandy between Le Havre and Cherbourg. The PM told the House at midday that everything was proceeding according to plan. General de Gaulle has arrived in London and has broadcast ot the people of France.

A miserably cold day. Had to light the drawing room fire. A letter from Mr Cunliffe to say that the surveyor’s report was OK and he would like to buy house and garden at my price (£3800). Question of farm to remain open for a few days. Saw Mrs Kelk ? on phone with Mr Winer and visit to Mr Cunliffe and General Tooth [??].


Wednesday, 7 June

News continues good from the beach heads of Normandy.

Another wretchedly cold day and we had the drawing room fire going most of the day.

Coe came and worked in the garden after tea.


Thursday, 8 June

Distinctly warmer with sunny intervals but turned into a wet evening. Letters from Mr Cunliffe and Cobbe & Winer re sale of farm, but nothing decisive. Bet and children caught the 1.30 bus from the Bell on their way back to Wenham. I have just rung her up. The line was very bad but I could hear her. They had got home all right but had had to walk from the bus stop as the cottage where they had left the bike was empty and locked up. They have been out here for a week.

Marjorie Mathis brought Nicolas to tea which we had out of doors. A military lorry ran into Aymée Grant’s house last night and slightly damage it, but she is quite unhurt.


Friday, 9 June


A wretched heavy dark day with a lot of rain at intervals. I did a lot of writing, mostly re farm. Mr Cunliffe only offered £1500 against the £2200 I was asking. I had a long talk with Quinton and he agreed with me that the terms were not satisfactory and he was to notify Cobbe and Winer to that effect. Anne took Sarah over to Garden Cottage after tea to meet Molly and the Courtauld children. Bet rang up last night to say that Denis was in the list of Birthday Honours. He is an OBE in the Military Division.


Saturday, 10 June

A wretchedly cold day.

Grattan came down by afternoon train, and Anne and Sarah met him at the station.

News from Normandy continues good.


Sunday, 11 June.

Weather slightly better but turned into a miserable afternoon.

I felt very tired and didn’t go to church.

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