Monday, 8 June 2009

Week of 19 June 1944

Monday, 19 June


Another stormy day but quite a lot of sunshine. Miss Heyworth came to tea. I had supper out on the lawn. Dickie Pemberton rang me up. I had already heard that Daphne had had a critical operation on Saturday for a clot on her brain and Roger had been sent for, but Dickie spoke very hopefully.

Enid rang up later. She said all was well, but they had all decided to sleep downstairs.


Tuesday, 20 June

A cold cloudy day, but turned into a lovely evening. Ethel Browning arrived by teatime train and I met her at the station. She looks very white and has aged, but she is in great spirits.

I rang up Dickie Pemberton in the evening and heard a rather more cheering report of Daphne.


Wednesday, 21 June

A horrid, cold day, Ethel very tired and stayed in bed till teatime. I felt very tired myself.

Pippa rang up in the evening to get news of the family and said all was well with them.

More Doodle Bugs over the south.

Got a letter from Cobbe and Winer to say Mr Cunliffe offered £2000 for the farm, and urging me to accept, but I wrote explaining that I would rather keep it in my hands.


Thursday, 22 June

Another cloudy morning but turned into a glorious afternoon. Ethel and I had tea out of doors. She is still very tired and lunched in bed. I don’t feel up to much.

Our armies are fighting for Cherbourg and the Germans there seem doomed.


Friday, 23 June

A cold and cloudy morning which again turned into a beautiful afternoon. Ethel lunched in her room but came down later and we had tea out of doors. I again felt very tired.

I took some cakes to the vicarage and told the vicar I had not been feeling very well and should not be at the church fete tomorrow which is being held at the Castle, but I gave him some money for it.


Saturday, 24 June

A lovely summer day at last. Ethel came down for lunch and sat out all the afternoon and we had tea out of doors. Miss Heyworth turned up unexpectedly on the way back from the fete at the Castle and had tea with us. She brought me six eggs and took back some gooseberries.

I felt much better today than I have done for the past 10 days.

I rang up Mabel after supper, and heard they had had a much quieter day.


Sunday, 25 June

A lovely day. I went to morning service. Ethel came down and sat out most of the afternoon.

On the wireless this evening, it was given out that the Germans report that we have taken Cherbourg.

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