Thursday, 18 June 2009

Week of 7 August 1944

Monday, 7 August


A perfect Bank Holiday.

I roast a chicken for dinner and Mrs Rowland helped me stuff it. We hadn’t seen a fowl for months and I felt terribly responsible, but it was very good.

The news from the various fronts gets better and better.


Tuesday, 8 August


Lovely day!


Wednesday, 9 August

Hot day.

Our advance goes well in France.

Made a little jam with the last of the currants and raspberries.


Thursday, 10 August

Another hot day.

War news very good.

Made 3 and a half pounds of apricot jam. Coe started cleaning out stables.


Friday, 11 August

As hot as ever.Nothing much doing. Mabel seedy with an inside upset.

General Montgomery gave a very optimistic speech to his troops in France.



Saturday, 11 August

A lovely day. Still very hot. I felt very tired and did not come down much before lunch.

Enid did a great work for me listing a lot of books.


Sunday, 13 August

Lovely day. Mabel and I went to morning service.





















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