Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Week of 24 July 1944

Monday, 24 July


Another heavy sunless day. I kept to my bed but am certainly better this evening. Pips rang up. Everything at Lyd seems on the up grade except the plumbing.

I had a letter from Anne this morning. She says Grattan has been appointed to Shaef. “The Netherlands Civil Affairs Branch” and is to start on the work tomorrow.


Tuesday, 25 July

Poor weather. Got up after tea but felt rather a wretched shape.


Wednesday, 26 July

A much better day, both as to weather and my feelings. Came down for lunch. Mrs Morgan, her married daughter Mrs Beverley and her baby and Joyce Tobitt came to see Ethel and stayed for tea under the copper beech. Betty Welfare and her friend came in later and had some fruit.


Thursday, 27 July

Nothing to relate.


Friday, 28 July

Felt rather a poor thing.


Saturday, 29 July

Torrential rain. Felt much better and did some cooking in the morning.


Sunday, 30 July

A lovely day. I felt poorly in the night and throughout the day and kept to bed. Rang up this evening to ask Dr Bromley to come and see me tomorrow. This was by Enid and Mab’s strong wish.

Mary Welfare and party were in the garden this morning, picking fruit, flowers and vegetables to take back with them to London tonight.

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