Friday, 12 June 2009

Week of 26 June 1944

Monday 26 June


Rain most of the day. Heavy at times. Very badly needed for the garden. Rather a noisy night with an explosion about midnight but I don’t know where.

Ethel very tired and stayed in bed till after tea. I rang up Bet at lunchtime and heard that all was well there. And Pips rang me up after dinner.


Tuesday 27 June

Enid rang me up this morning whilst I was still in bed to say that both her house and Mabel’s had been badly damaged by blast in the small hours this morning. Windows and doors blown in, and some ceilings down, but no-one injured. Enid and Mabel will come down here tomorrow. Lil will go over to her new flat.

Anne was all right and quite cheerful.

The garrison of Cherbourg has surrendered and the port is in our hands.

I have felt much better today.


Wednesday, 28 June

A stormy grey day with some showers. Very busy preparing for the “evacuees”, viz. Enid and Mabel who arrived in time for a latish tea. They look a bit tired, but are in great spirits at getting down safely.


Thursday, 29 June

A much nicer day though still windy. Enid and Mabel settling down well.

We had our first dish of new potatoes for lunch (also a fine dish of green peas) and our first dish of strawberries for supper. A lot of telephoning to Lil. Enid and Mabel very worried at her being all alone in a top floor flat, but she is quite determined to stay put for the time being and sounds cheerful.

A ring up in the evening from Christ’s Hospital to say that Anne had brought Sarah down there, as there had been a lot of noise around them and it was getting very much on S’s nerves.


Friday, 30 June

A lovely summer day. I had a letter from Mr Cunliffe to say that he had authorized his agents to agree to the purchase of the whole property of Sheepcote at my price – viz £6000. He will come down to the Hedingham Hotel for a week-end in the latter part of July. So that is now settled.

Lil wired that she had a lovely night’s sleep and was feeling fine.


Saturday, 1 July

A grey day, but we were able to sit out after tea. Lil rang up. All well with her. Ethel heard that a friend of hers had been killed in a canteen.

Coe went to see his wife in the Colchester Hospital but H Smith worked in the garden and put in some peas and beans. Rang up Bet. All well there.


Sunday, 2 July

A good deal of rain during the night and not much sun today.

Enid, Mabel and I went to the 12 o’clock Communion Service. Ethel seems better today. We had tea out under the copper beech.

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