Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Week of 31 July 1944

Monday, 31 July


Stayed in bed till after tea. Then dressed and came downstairs but went back before Dr Bromley came at about 9.30. He gave me a thorough examination. Very satisfactory report. Blood pressure 170 – on the high side but nothing to bother about. Arteries good, reflex actions ditto. The queer feeling in the back of the head which I have been having may be fibrosis. He would like to see me again in about 3 weeks.


Tuesday, 1 August

Felt more tired and good for nothing than I have done yet, but I came down to lunch.

Rang up Lil in the evening and heard that she had met Jeremy at Paddington as arranged, and taken him back to lunch at the flat, and had seen him and Roddy off in the afternoon for York where they were being met by Diana. Lil felt dead to the world.


Wednesday, 2 August

Felt better today than I have done for some time. Cool and grey.

Turkey has broken off diplomatic and economic relations with Germany. The Prime Minister has made a speech to the House.


Thursday, 3 August



Friday, 4 August

A lovely day. I am feeling all right again, or nearly.


Saturday, 5 August

A gorgeous day. I was busy all the morning in the kitchen with week-end cooking. Mrs Monty came in and purveyed village gossip.

Mabel’s Mr and Mrs Smith turned up by afternoon train.They have come down fro their fortnight’s holiday and have got a room with Mrs Pork Pie Smith.


Saturday, 6 August

A lovely summer day. Enid, Mabel and I went to 12 o’clock Communion. In the evening Cyril Falls gave the War Commentary. Amazingly optimistic.

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