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Week of 11 December 1944

Monday, 11 December

210 Coleherne Court

A fine cold day. I shopped quite successfully in the morning and came back to lunch. Diana Le M was here.

In the afternoon I went to tea with Enid who had the Myers, and looked in on Mabel before and after.

Mabel had Anne and Sarah and Ethel Browning to tea.

Tuesday, 12 December

Mabel's birthday. I met her at 1 PP and we went to Oxford St, did some shopping, lunched at Buzzard, and then went on to the Academy in Oxford St to see Little Foxes and La Kermesse Héroïque. We thought them disappointing.

I felt awfully tired. Quite dazed in the tube coming back. We had tea at Kisky and then I came back here.

Lil had one of her exhausted days and stayed in bed.

Wednesday, 13 December

Bitterly cold and became very foggy in the afternoon. I shopped both before and after lunch.

Last night there was a very loud explosion from a rocket which we hear fell near Ladbroke Grove. Both Elizabeth Thompson and Amy Birch had shattered windows.

Thursday, 14 December

Cold and foggy. I arrived at the Berkeley Grill to meet Denis, Hester and Awly by appointment at 12.45 but the train was an hour and a half late at Euston and they did not turn up till 1.45. A mad rush over lunch and we did not arrive at the Palladium till half an hour after the appointed time.

I got back, feeling exhausted and finding the flat in a chaotic state as Mrs Barry had never come. After making myself tea, I did beds, washed up, prepared supper, etc.

Lil turned up about 7, also dead to the world.

The theatre had been rather a ? They had gone to tea at the RAC, where they were met by Denis and Roddy, and finally by Grattan who took the children out to Hampstead.

Friday, 15 December

Fine day. Feeling very tired. Went out to West Heath Road to take Hester and Awly to Liverpool St Station. Found them in great spirits. All well there. We lunched at the LNER Station Hotel. A very successful meal ending with chocolate ices!! The first since the war embargo. Saw them off by the 2.20 train to Bentley. Very self-possessed travellers.

Looked in on Mabel on my way back. Found Reg there. He was going to Euston to pick up Joan on her way from school.

Saturday, 16 December

Busy most of the morning preparing lunch as GH was coming. I made a punctual pudding which he much enjoyed.

He drove me afterwards to S Ken Post Office where I sent off a lot of Xmas parcels.

Returned to the flat and did not go out again. Lil went to tea with Enid.

Sunday, 17 December

A very stormy night and a good deal of rain during the day. I met Mabel at Brompton Church for morning service. Then back to lunch here.

Jeremy came and stayed for tea which Roddy also came for and stayed for an interesting talk afterwards. Mabel came in the early afternoon but left before tea.

Rundstedt has launched a big counter offensive, and broken through the First American front in several places.

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