Thursday, 16 July 2009

Week of 4 December 1944

Monday, 4 December

Christ's Hospital - 210 Coleherne Court

A glorious day. A letter from Bet this morning to say that Bertie Cobbold had died on November 23rd. I had missed the announcement. She had been to the Memorial Service at Sproughton.

Pips drove me down to the station and I caught the 2.32 train to London, and arrived in time for tea.

I brought back eggs and flowers and apples.

Tuesday, 5 December

210 Coleherne Court

A glorious day. Stayed indoors most of the morning. Mabel lunched with us. Afterwards I went to get my haired permed by Miss Heppel at Squirrels in Sloane St.

Wednesday, 6 December

A lovely bright day but very cold. Lil poorly and kept to bed most of the day.

I had lunch and tea with Anne, and took Sarah out in the pram whilst Anne was at the theatre.

Much fighting in Athens

Thursday, 7 December

Lunched at Jane Brown and did some shopping. It came on to rain heavily and I came back here and rested till it was time to go to tea with Enid and Dan, after which I looked in on Mabel who had Diana and Kathleen and Jack.

Friday, 8 December

Very cold with some showers and sleet. Lil was lunching with GH and Ethel Browning lunched with me. Afterwards I bussed up to Oxford St and tried unsuccessfully to get Mabel a birthday present. Then came on to tea with her. Lil feeling very poorly after a very bad night.

It is five years since Will died.

Saturday, 9 December

Very cold but very lovely. I was out in the morning and looked in on Mab who was taking part of the day in bed after a bad bout of neuritis. Dan and I went to the Lyric Theatre in the afternoon to see The Dark Lady of the Sonnets and The Village Wooing by GBS.

The Graces took Lil to see Hamlet.

Sunday, 10 December

A bright frosty morning. I went to morning service at Brompton Parish church and afterwards looked in on Mab who was taking the day indoors and had had bad neuritis. In the afternoon it turned to pouring rain and I did not stir out.

Lil better than yesterday but very tired.

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