Monday, 20 July 2009

Week of 18 December 1944

Monday, 18 December

210 Coleherne Court

Another very wild night. I met Oswald at Victoria station in the morning and took over some Xmas presents from him for Anne etc.

Came back to lunch. Felt dead beat and lay down all the afternoon.

Tuesday, 19 December

Felt very overtired and stayed in bed till evening. Lil was away most of the day looking after Jeremy as Diana is in bed with a bad cold and a cough.

Enid came to tea and afterwards Micks [?] came in for a talk.

Wednesday, 20 December

Feeling better. Lunched with Mabel to meet the Mayers. A fine spread which included a splendid fowl sent by Newman from Castle Hedingham. Also a plum pudding and mince pies.

Lil was out all day. She took Jeremy to see Henry V at the Carleton and gave him lunch and tea.

Dan went up for his medical today. He has to go again on January 10th to have a urine test as albumin has been found.

Thursday, 21 December

Fine day. I shopped in the morning, lunched at Kisky's, met Oswald at Victoria Station in the afternoon; he had nobly brought up some Xmas poultry for us. Then I had tea with Mabel.

Lil very tired again. She spent part of the day with Jeremy as Diana is seedy with very bad neuralgia.

News grave on the Western Front.

Friday, 22 December

Grey misty day. Was busy in the morning getting everything ready for Mabel to take down to the Brownings (Ethel is ill). Then I went up to North Audley St and picked up Jeremy to come and spend the day with Anne and Sarah. We had tea and lunch there. They decorated a little tree and then went out to feed the Wallabies in the park.

Deposited him with his mother and arrived back here soon after 6 o'clock. Felt much less tired.

Saturday, 23 December

A busy morning, doing 11th hour Christmas shopping. In the afternoon Mabel came to tea.

I went and sat with Ethel Browning for a while in the afternoon.

Sunday, 24 December

A lovely sunny day with a white frost. I bussed out to lunch at Hampstead.

Anne had a lovely Christmas dinner (lunch) for us, starting with cocktail and a fine Christmas dessert. Grattan took Sarah out in her pram and Anne and I listened to the King's College Carol Service.

I came back for tea with Mabel to meet Jack Miller and Kathleen Hill.

Lil overtired and depressed and spent most of the day in bed.

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